What should I bring to class?
What should I eat before class?
 Normally, bring a yoga mat and a wool or cotton blanket (wool or cotton hold a fold better than synthetic blankets). Eventually, you will want your own yoga mat, but I keep two "loaners" at class for students who are sampling yoga for the first time and for students who forget their mat. I also have one or two new mats for sale for $23. You can find mats around town for about the same price or a bit less. Ours are a "tapas" mat from a yoga supply store. One will last you many years and will not have very much "off gasing" smell.

I try to eat something about two hours before class and drink a large glass of water between an hour and two hours before class. That lets both get into my system but "out of the way." If I haven't eaten and it is an hour or less before class, I warm a glass of soy milk and have that. It gets through the stomach quickly, but the protein seems to give me enough energy for class. Others suggest a piece of fruit or something else light. I've had difficulties with anything solid, such as a piece of bread.

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