Carol's Yoga Class Schedule

First Class Free at Noon Sessions, Drop-ins Welcome




An hour at Noon -
All Levels at the Westridge Center

An hour at Noon -
Gentle Class at the Westridge Center

An hour at Noon -
All Levels at the Westridge Center.

Since COVID, all noon classess require preregistration to ensure spacing between students. Classes are at the Westridge Center, 1919 Fairway Drive (see map). Please register by emailing You can also call Carol at (406) 595-9642 for more information. Wednesday's 50 minute class is the gentlest, suitable for anyone who wishes to calm their mind and for those who question whether they "can do yoga." Monday and Thursday classes are still gentle but may help you build strength. In all classes, students are encouraged to work at their own level, to be gentle with themselves as they find what their body needs, whether that is balance, flexibility, strength or calmness.

For a complete listing of classes by Paola Feher and other teachers in this tradition of TKV Desikachar, see the schedule for Bozeman Center for the Healing Arts or call Paola at (406) 586-7529.

Carol Flaherty Yoga & Massage, Office 2100 Fairway Drive, Room 107, Bozeman, MT 59715
Classes: 1919 Fairway Drive, Upstairs or (406) 595-yoga (595-9642)
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