Cost and how to get to yoga class

Classes are at the Westridge Center, 1919 Fairway Drive. Your first noon class is free if you have not previously had classes with Carol, Julie Kipfer or Paola Feher. Additional classes are $8 when you get two or more tickets. Evening classes are 1/3 longer and $15 for a drop-in or $75 for a series of six classes. The noon class tickets never expire.

If going south on Willson from downtown Bozeman, turn east/left onto Kagy. At a yellow-signed crosswalk just before(west of) the golf course, turn right/south onto Fairway Drive, then immediately into the parking lot. For directions to classes at my home, please call (406) 595-9642.

Carol Flaherty Yoga & Massage, 416 W. Arnold, Bozeman, MT 59715 or (406) 595-yoga (595-9642)
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