I was injured and am way out of shape.
Is yoga safe for me?

The goal of yoga is to become clear enough in your perceptions that you do not injure yourself -- or, for that matter, harm others -- classical parts of yogic philosophy.

A good teacher should be able to guide you as you explore yoga, but, ultimately, the responsibility is yours to honor your own limits while you explore your potential.

In the great majority of cases, you should be able to find a class in which you are both comfortable and growing. You can sample classes to find the right one or ask a teacher to recommend a class after describing your desires and limitations. If in doubt, ask your physician whether yoga would be safe for you. Some people who have had a debilitating illness or injury and those whose schedules limit the classes they can take may need to take private lessons, after which they can take home a sequence of poses tailored to their needs. After a few months of a home practice, it is quite likely that they will be able to take classes. At that point, the home practice becomes an additional avenue for personal growth.

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