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Carol and Yoga

I began teaching yoga in 2002, receiving Yoga Alliance registration in 2005 and its designation "Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher” in 2010. During 2020, I completed studies to receive YA’s 500-hour teacher designation. While most of my studies have been with Paola Feher in her Bozeman Center for the Healing Arts, I also have pursued other continuing education, including work at Duke University in yoga for seniors, work with Elise Browning-Miller and Loren Fishman, MD on yoga for scoliosis, with Dr. Fishman on yoga for osteoporosis, and with other prominent yoga authorities, including TKV Desikachar. I have a personal interest in yoga breathing techniques that benefit people with asthma. While I am not a registered yoga therapist, I am experienced in helping people with a broad range of physical limitations. I know there are health conditions that cannot be cured, but I am convinced that a comination of yoga asana with intentional breathing can reduce the symptoms and suffering of most conditions.

Carol and Massage
I became licensed for massage in Montana in 2008 after initial training in California. I continue my education with Paola Feher. In 2016, I began studying the John Barnes Myofascial Release system and have completed a dozen seminars, two of which were week-long immersions in this gentle technique. I also have studied Sharron Wheeler’s ScarWork and BoneWork techniques and have begun training in visceral massage and cranial-sacral therapy. This combination of massage techniques lets me provide focused massage for your benefit.

Carol Flaherty Yoga & Massage, Office 2100 Fairway Drive, Room 107, Bozeman, MT 59715
Classes: 1919 Fairway Drive, Upstairs

carol@carolflaherty.com or (406) 595-yoga (595-9642)
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